Heather Jansch
Drawings Paintings & Sculptures
Heather Jansch was born in Essex in 1948. She studied fine art at Walthamstow and Goldsmiths College in London. An abiding passion for horses has its roots in her childhood when she rode from the age of two, and her first horse sculpture, a large relief, was made prior to her art A-level. It was her passion for horses which led her to buy a hill farm in Wales. She spent several reclusive years breeding Welsh cobs and, following the Stubbs tradition, establishing herself as a successful painter – a period she describes as her apprenticeship. She moved to Devon in 1980 and took a sabbatical from commissioned work. Eventually however, wanting to sculpt again, she was drawn back to her roots: the horse. The earliest pieces of wire and plaster owed something to Giacometti; the following series in copper wire, reminiscent of Da Vinci’s drawings and much closer to her heart, still did not have the unique quality she was seeking. It took the use of driftwood to finally reveal the explosive power, natural grace, and potential violence of her subject in a manner which gives her work its authenticity – its « horseness »

Catégorie Arts plastiques

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